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Aerial Transport Corporation

We specialize in Service, Inspection and Major Repairs of Skydiving Cessnas, King Airs, Twin Otters and experimental aircraft.

At times it may be difficult to fly or reposition an inoperative aircraft to your normal maintenance facility. Aerial Transport's Aircraft Service Vehicle can be driven to your location to facilitate on-site repairs to your aircraft.

Our vehicle contains the neccessary tools and supplies to accomplish the work required for any repair or scheduled maintenance. Even aircraft engine removal and installations are a snap with our vehicle's on-board cherry picker.

This on-site maintenance capability has allowed Aerial Transport to perform special work not normally associated with most maintenance companies. For example, in the past, Aerial Transport personnel were able to change the blown tire of Cessna 182 on a taxiway before the airport authority even found a tug to tow the plane.

Aircraft Service Vehicle equipment list:

ATC tool truck

Van and Emiko standing outside of tool truck in ND

inside of truck

inside of truck

log file