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Van Pray Jr.

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Airline Transport Pilot, Aircraft and Powerplant mechanic with Inspector Authorization, Senior Parachute Rigger, Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Strong Tandem Instructor, Static line Instructor

I was born into aviation at Edwards Air force Base and lived 20 miles North in California City. The Mojave Desert where my father was the Airport Manager and operated a small skydiving center was a great place for me to learn about General and Experimental Aviation. By the age of ten I was driving drop zone truck, packing parachutes, cleaning aircraft parts, and fetching tools. In 1987 I received my A&P and shortly thereafter Pilots licenses and Jumpmaster ratings. I maintained and flew my fathers Twin Otter, Cessna 206, C-150 and was given the opportunity to fly King Airs, DC-3s, Convairs, and numerous other aircraft over the years. Fixing and flying aircraft for air-taxi and government contractors increased my knowledge and understanding of the logistics and operating cost over a wide range of aircraft. Lockheed Martin hired me to fly for NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in 1999 as a Mission Management Pilot on the King Air 200 and C-12s. I upgraded to Aircraft Commander six months later and remained there until budget cutbacks from the loss of the Orbiter Columbia. I followed my wife to St Louis and flew as co-pilot on the Embraer regional jet for one year.

I always remained active at drop zones and decided to operate my own business to fulfill the needs of the skydiving community by providing safe and reliable aircraft.

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Emiko Pray

Emiko Pray in the cockpit

My background in Skydiving and Flying Experience

Hello, I'm Emiko. I started skydiving in 1988 in Japan. Then a few years later, I came to California and got my Static Line and Accelerated Freefall instructor ratings and also worked as a Tandem instructor and freefall photographer. I had a great passion about skydiving and by the year of 2004 I logged almost 3000 jumps. My interest gradually shifted to flying, and I took my first flight lesson in November 2002. Six months later I obtained my private pilot license and several years later my instrument, commercial, and multi-engine rating. My father-in-law gave me my first flying job, flying for skydivers in Cessna 206. He also gave me an oppourtunity to fly a Twin Otter. Around that time, I stopped skydiving and concentrated on flying. My second aviation job was to fly Cessna 402s with Japanese tourists from Southern California to the Grand Canyon. This job was so much fun that every morning I got up feeling that I couldn't wait to go to work! After being a canyon pilot, I moved up to a commuter airline job in St. Louis, MO. I became a captain on the 30 passenger Jetstream 41 and flew in the midwest area. I also flew a Senaca II for an Air Taxi company in New England area in the summer of 2005. At this unique operation I flew from a 2300 foot runway from a small island to a number of large airports such as JFK in New York and Boston's Logan airport for exclusive customers. Mr. Chevy Chase was one of our important clients.

Now, I am very excited about flying the ATC Cessna 206 for skydivers again. I came back to where I started. But this time, I will be bringing this experience and knowledge to the operation of ATC's C206.

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