Come Fly this Plane!

Aerial Transport is currently building a Cessna 206 with Wipline 3450s (see our blog to follow along with our build!). 

Receive a bi-annual flight review and cross-country dual instruction in this turbine powered aircraft that has the room and payload to bring along family or friends.

This aircraft is going on adventure flights to showcase its unique float plane abilities.

What we have brainstormed so far...

Blues Tour Down the Mississippi

In this multi-day adventure starting in Chicago, passengers would travel down the Mississippi enjoying blues music events and locations along the way to New Orleans. 

Lewis and Clark

In this adventure passengers will follow the historic Lewis and Clark expedition while camping along the still untouched and unpopulated river scenes. You'll get to fly back in history through the Great Plains, into the Rocky Mountains, through the Columbia River Valley, to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy campfires, wilderness, and adventure!

We love input and would love to hear your adventure trip ideas!
What is your dream seaplane adventure?
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