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Missouri to California

Ken flew this plane from the Flying V Ranch in Missouri to KWJF in Lancaster, California and back.

We encountered all kinds of weather along the way that kept the trip interesting.


The G500 terrain map and synthetic vision came in handy while flying at 500 ft AGL and the GFC500 auto-pilot kept it smooth while cruising at 12,500 ft AGL.


Along the way, we saw some beautiful places, stopped for lunch at Lake Havasu and then up the Colorado River to Grand Canyon West. We then flew over Lake Mead before racing a storm wall coming out of Las Vegas, then passed Edwards AFB before landing at Fox Field.


We spent a few days with High Desert Avionics for some final avionics programming.

Kenna from HDA flew with me and verified everything was in correct working order and then showed us how we can get the most out of this incredible Garmin Avionics Package.

Ken and I were ready to get home.


Cruising at 17,500 ft on O2 we were getting 180 Kn true airspeed, burning 32 gph.

We made the 1,300 NM journey home in under 7 hours of flight time.

Upon arrival, Missouri was shut down and covered in snow, the big tires came in useful. No reverse or brakes were necessary.

Ken had to hop on the tractor and plow the runway prior to his last leg home.

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