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Come Fly This Plane!

Who wants to Fly this Plane! Departing Mid Missouri and going to SoCal in a couple weeks.(Feb 12th 2021?) If any pilots want to fly this thing from the left seat, get a hold of me. I can give PT6 starting, operation training, I'm still learning the G500txi,750/650txi panel. Share the expenses, looks like 9 hours one way. Plenty of room for gear or your additional passenger. Departure date is weather dependent, Return date is maintenance dependent. Must be flexible on the return date, its ok if you (and be prepared to) find your own way home. If your a skydiver I could drop you at Eloy or Skydive Perris. Ill be busy while there so you will have to entertain yourself. Going there we could make this a one day run or take time and stop in at some mountain backcountry strips while the plane is still on big tires. I'm in a metal building most of the time so Email is best. or Call Van 636-484-0084.

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