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Went to Lake Powell!

Updated: May 11, 2022

First week of September 2021. Started on the Colorado River at Lake Havasu, camping overnight and meeting great people.

Moved up river to Lake Mead and saw the Damn. Not as attractive but went over Vegas and parked at McCarran with an overnight on the strip.

Went to Powell. Made a few landings as we worked up river. Found a great spot on the Escalante River to spend a couple nights. The lower lake levels created beautiful sandy beaches in the canyons. The airplane performed great in the High and Hot conditions and what a joy with the performance from the engine and wing combination. We we able to take in the fuel, water toys and camping gear to do the job. The Turbine created confidence during landing and taking off in the canyons.

When it was time to go home, The power and high alt performance allowed us to race home over the mountains.

This drought has brought down the water level to expose sandy beaches and cathedral canyons. See the Glen Canyon like it hasn't been seen since the 60s.

September is the best time to visit Lake Powell while the water is still warm and the outside temps have dropped from peak summer highs.

This plane has the power and room to operate out of this Hot and High alt lake with 3

people and camping gear. I have 1 inflatable standup paddle board, there is room for another.

Share expenses. Contact Van 636-484-0084

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